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Susan's Sweets & Savories


Using a mix of family and hand-crafted recipes, Susan McMillan has started her own home-based business preparing delicious meals and sweets. From savory stews and soups to sweet baked goods, she has something for everyone.

You can often find her at regional farmers markets and fairs, but if not - she also does catering and pick-up meals. From wholesome home-style dinners to hearty luncheons, she can cook something delicious up for you. Susan also serves meatless meal options with all the 'traditional' fixings of a non-vegetarian presentation.

Some of her signature creations include:

Metis bannock and fry-bread

Bannock-bombs (bannock with either a sweet or savory filling to make your mouth water)

Meatless bannock (Indian) tacos

Susan also does dog treats and buscuits.

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