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Frequently asked questions:

1. Do I have to pay to be listed on the directory?

Nope! The directory is completely free to Indigenous artists and businesses in the BC Southern Interior! 

2. How do I decide whether to apply as an Artisan or as a Service Provider?

The best way to determine which section to apply to would be where you focus the most of your time. Our definition of 'artisan' is someone who spends a majority of their time creating art or a product to sell, whereas out definition of 'service provider' is someone who can be hired for a specific job - whether that's putting on a workshop or doing a performance.

3. What is included in the "BC Southern Interior Region"?

The BC Southern Interior region has a wide range, and include places like Kamloops, Chase, Cache Creek, Merritt, Clearwater, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Lillooet, and Williams Lake. The exact boundaries of what is considered the 'Southern Interior' can always be negotiated.

Apply to the Directory

There are only two requirements to apply:

  1. Be an Indigenous artist or business.

  2. Be located in the BC Southern Interior.

If you meet that criteria, then please submit your application!

This Indigenous Directory is an online listing of artists, crafters, businesses, or service providers within the arts and culture sector. There are NO FEES to being listed on the directory, as the intention is to support locals in as many ways as possible.

If you need any assistance applying to the directory, the application can be filled out in alternative ways or over the phone.

Please reach out if you have any further questions or inquiries at

Thanks for submitting!

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