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Norman Retasket

Cache Creek

Norman Retasket is the owner of Starving Artist and a long practicing artist, working with drums, soapstone, wood carvings, and a variety of other crafts.

Norman is also a residential school survivor, which greatly contributed to his artistic journey as he found that working crafts with his hands helped to deal with much of the trauma he experienced. Norman grew up disconnected from traditional teachings and practices, finding his path much later in life and learning much of the technique as he went. Due to some of the disconnect he experienced, his drums follow non-traditional styles, with the hides often dyed vibrant colors that you won't easily find.

Norman sells drums, drumsticks, rattles, carvings, and other pieces that he has available at the time.

Norman also loves to teach and pass on this knowledge, and can be contacted to put on drum making workshops.

To contact him, please call one of the numbers listed below:

Cell: 250-457-4520

Home: 250-457-9727

Norman Retasket

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