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Wildcraft Nation


Crystal is a Métis Artist and Herbalist living in the Ashcroft area of central BC. She is mother to 6 grown children, Kokom (grandmother) to 20+, Sister to many. Crystal spends her spring & summer ethically harvesting wild medicines throughout northern BC and Alberta - returning home to create art and formulate products for her company, Wildcraft Nation.

"Wildcraft Nation honours women and men seeking to renew their relationship with our Earth Mother. We believe the uncultivated, the wild, the free-growing plants found anywhere on Earth are healing teachers in one manner or another, even in a city park.

Coming from this belief stand point, Wildcraft Nation offers authentic BC wild-crafted guidance and products to all people seeking to reconnect to their own Earthen Roots. We are collectively, Wildcraft Nation – reconnecting from the ground up."

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