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Creating Community Interview Series

There is a need for a stronger arts community in Kamloops, specifically supporting the many Indigenous artists in the region, and the Creating Community series takes a look into how to approach and address that. With financial support from Canadian Roots Exchange, Community Futures Development Corporation of Central Interior First Nations (CFDC of CIFN) and B2R Enterprise, we were able to host a beautiful lunch and hire a videographer to create a series of interviews done with the local artists.

We had six artists or artist groups attend the first-ever Indigenous Resurgence Project Networking Luncheon on October 9th, four of them opting in for the interview. The Creating Community series interviews and asks local Indigenous artists about their experience operating and creating within the region, what creative outlets mean to them, and why having a strong community foundation is important for all types of artists and entrepreneurs.


The Margit Sky Project:

Rod "Little Sky" Bandura and Margit Gossage make up the band the Margit Sky Project. These inter-disciplinary musicians have been living and working in Kamloops for years, and can often be found playing at bars and restaurants around Kamloops.

Be Inspired! Professional Center:

Julie John operates the Be Inspired! Professional Center and Events Planning business in Chase, encouraging and helping other local entrepreneurs. She also created and runs the Secwepemc L.I.F.E. Newsletter to showcase and support local businesses in the region.

Sharing Mela'hma:

Crystal Dawn Morris is the owner and operator of Sharing Mela'hma in Enderby and has spent many years studying botany and the ways of traditional medicine. She also works to support her own community by organizing the occasional pop-up vendor markets in Enderby.

Emerging Artists:

Judy and Nicole are two emerging artists from Heffley Creek, only beginning to truly explore what creating work for sale is like. The two bravely faced the camera and told stories of their passion and awakening to their creativity.


Many thanks to all of the people who were able to make these videos possible!

B2R Enterprise

Be Inspired! Events & Event Planning

Candian Roots Exchange


Fashion Speaks International

Kamloops United Church

Mastermind Studios

The Margit Sky Project

Sharing Mela'hma

Vutev Video

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