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"For the People" Reconciliation Concert at the Sagebrush Theatre

The Margit Sky Project is holding a concert featuring the Kamloops Symphony and Sage Hills Drummers & Dancers this August

TK’EMLÚPS, BC - MSky Productions is teaming up with the Kelson Group to present “For the People”, a concert experience of harmony and reconciliation. The concert will be held on Sunday, August 14th at the Sagebrush Theatre from 7:00pm to about 9:10pm. Songs by the Margit Sky Project will be performed with the Kamloops Symphony and Sage Hills Drummers & Dancers.

The Margit Sky Project is made up of Margit Gossage and Rod “Little Sky” Bandura. Their vision is for the voices of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to come together to share culture, music, and story as a community.

Margit, who sings and plays rhythm guitar for the duo, promises “a concert experience like no other." Rod, who plays lead guitar, expresses that he’s “played so many great shows in [his] life, but this one, it’s different.”

A portion of the proceeds from the concert will be given to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society. The IRSSS supports First Nation Peoples in BC to recognise and be empowered from the primary and generational effects of Residential Schools by supporting research, education, awareness, partnerships, and advocating for justice and healing. The Society assists Survivors with counselling, court support, information, referrals, workshops, and more.


Tickets are $49.00 (taxes / fees included)

August 17th - Sagebrush Theatre (7:00pm - 9:10pm)

To buy tickets, or for more information, visit the For the People website:

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