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A Year In Review - The 2022 Report

2022 was an exciting year filled with many milestones and events, and lots of new friends and partnerships. Join us as we look back at our first year of project development!


In January, 2022, we officially launched the Indigenous Resurgence Project with support from the Canadian Roots Exchange CREations Grant Program. The Indigenous Resurgence Project (IRP) goals were to grow the outreach of our platform, and engage in a variety of artists in varying ways, including but not limited to: young artists, emerging artists, youth in vulnerable sectors, small businesses, and Indigenous non-profit and small organizations.

When starting this journey, our two main focuses were:

  1. Supporting Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs by showcasing and promoting their personal social enterprise.

  2. Provide inclusive and accessible arts and culture activities to Indigenous participants in the Kamloops area, with the main focuses being to bypass financial barriers to participation and welcome all participants regardless of background or social standing.

These two focuses were met by partnering with local organizations and community groups to reach out to community members as well as provide workshops and creative opportunities to the public. Over 2022, the IRP:

  • Worked with organizations to facilitate 14 arts and culture workshops at no cost to participants through a variety of different art mediums (music, visual art, textile/fabric art, online and graphic art, etc.).

  • Was invited to present at 3 different events, including the Arts BC 2022 Conference.

  • Participated in 6 community events (info-table, vendor markets, volunteer work).

  • Hosted 9 special events in partnership with other Indigenous groups and organizations.

  • Created meaningful relationships with new organizations, community groups, and grassroots initiatives.

  • Expanded our geographical outreach in partnership with other community organizations (Kamloops/Tk'emlups, Chase/Neskonlith, Little Shuswap/Skwlax, Cache Creek/St'uxwtews, Boston Bar/Tuckkwiowhum, Lillooet/T'it'q'et).

Photos by: Shay Paul, Kim Coltman, Billie-Jean Gabriel

Some of our favorite events were:

Our top community partners in 2022 were:

  • Tk'emlups te Secwepemc - Community Services Department

  • 2 Rivers Remix Society

  • Fashion Speaks International

  • Lii Michief Otipemisiwak

  • Kamloops Arts Council


During 2022, we realized that our project direction was more beneficial as a news-hub for the Southern Interior, and switched gears to better provide and share events and programs that were already established.

Our monthly e-newsletter was one of the biggest online resources in 2022. Our newsletter includes upcoming events, artist call-outs, arts funding opportunities, and job offers. We are happy to all of those who utilized our newsletter to apply for new positions, join events, and receive grants.

We also cross-posted many of the events on our online events calendar, which was utilized and browsed by our partner organizations. We encourage anyone who has upcoming events to submit or share them with us so we can keep our calendar updated!

Finally, we have tried to post at least one blog feature a month, highlighting community events and interviewing artists on projects and pieces that are important to them.

We would like to feature the following articles:


During the events over the last year, the IRP spoke with artists and the general public about what we are aiming to do, and encouraged artists to apply to our free online directory that the public could access to find Indigenous independent artists and small businesses.

The Artisan Directory is a 100% free resource for regional artists within the loosely described Southern Interior. The IRP offers online applications, as well as phone-assistance in order to be supportive of all levels of businesses.

The directory is for artists as much as it is for the consumers. The IRP aims to host a centralized location for small businesses and independent artists, giving artisans a place to host their contact information, and for consumers to browse and support localized businesses and hand-crafted artisanal products.


For all the wonderful and continued support over the last year. It's all thanks to the people who engage with us and support our events, workshops, and platform - people who share, gave us feedback, and tell us what they want to see from a community-based platform. So thank you all for helping us be the platform we are, because we couldn't have done it without you!

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