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Shop Local: Indigenous Holiday Guide

We are quickly approaching the holiday season and now's the perfect time to be searching for some awesome gifts. There are so many incredible options available, and this winter we've seen the return of Christmas and Holiday craft fairs from the other side of the pandemic.

We've compiled a list of local small businesses and independent artists from the southern Interior for you to check out this holiday season! There are a variety of artisans listed below, sure enough to satisfy a whole family's worth of gifts and stocking stuffers.


5 Local Artists to Check Out

Drumstick Cree-ations


Drumstick Cree-ations is owned and operated by Owen 'OJ' Nepoose and his wife, Charissa. The two are based in Chase and create an array of crafts and products from natural materials. The couple create many different birch bark projects, including earrings, pendants, headbands, hatbands, and other accessories.

Owen is also a painter and creates work on large-size canvases, as well as custom paint pieces on clothing and shoes.


4 Generations Creations


Ashley Michel is a self-taught seamstress, artist, and designer. She is a proud Secwepemc woman and a mother, which reflects in the designs and products she sells. She has been steadily expanding her product options and you can shop hand-made ribbon skirts, 'decolonial' streetwear and apparel, as well as beading kits and accessories.


Derek Rodgers Photography


Get your loved one a timeless present this season by gifting a personalized photoshoot. Derek specializes in capturing the relationships between people and the environment around them, and will surely create picture-perfect memories for your loved ones.


Sharing Mela'hma


Crystal is a knowledge-keeper of traditional medicinal practices and properties, operating an Indigenous business that offers sustainably sourced and ethically harvested medicines in an array of botanical health and wellness products.


Kim Gullion-Stewart


Kim is a Metis artist, recently chosen to be featured in the Truth and Reconciliation stamp collection from Canada Post. Alongside her stunning mixed media artwork, one of a kind pieces, and beautiful prints, she has begun to branch into clothing and fabric accessories.


5 Indigenous-Owned Businesses to Visit

Wolfpack Apparel

Aberdeen Mall, Kamloops

Wolfpack apparel sells a variety of different street-wear styles of clothing, all with a flare of Indigenous identity. They have several mall-kiosk locations across Canada, and have set up in Aberdeen Mall in Kamloops for the holiday season.


Be Inspired! Center

632 Shuswap Ave, Chase

The Be Inspired! Center is a hub that holds several Indigenous businesses and services, as well as a storefront that showcases art and products from local Indigenous artists and businesses. Stop by and check out their community office space and find connections to local Indigenous services!


Gift N' Gab Trading Post

5085 Barriere Town Road, Barrier

Come by and say hello to either Kathie or John at this Indigenous-owned trading post located off Highway 5. Gift N' Gab carries a unique collection of Indigenous arts, crafts and a variety of other Canadian souvenirs and novelty items.


Maskwa Den

637 Shuswap Ave, Chase

This Metis-owned business and cafe is run by artist, Tammy LeFleur. You can find this beautiful little shop brimming with artistic character and filled with all kinds of art and products - either made by Tammy, or sourced from other local artists and businesses.


Heaven N' Earth Native Art Gallery

340B Wallace St, Hope

This mother and daughter owned gallery in Hope holds all sorts of beautiful handmade crafts, products, and locally sourced artisan-foods. Featuring items such as mixed media bead work, pine needle/birch bark/cedar bark jewelry and baskets, drums, rattles, leather work, semi-precious stone, and medicine products.

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