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About the Indigenous Directory

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

What is the Indigenous Directory?

The directory is a page where you can browse and view dozens of different Indigenous artists, crafters, and service providers in the area, helping you shop local for gifts and presents, find hidden product gems, or support naturally and organically harvested products.

Whether you are looking to buy products for yourself, a loved one, or looking for a service for an upcoming event, you're sure to find some unique and talented local artists on the directory!

How often is the directory updated?

The directory is always being updated with new artists and businesses, but also closely monitored to ensure the links are working and up to date. If you notice a broken link or that an artist is no longer active before we do, don't hesitate to send us a message on the website, or head to our Facebook page and contact us through Messenger.

I'm an artist, and I'd like to be featured on the Indigenous Directory, can I still apply?

The Indigenous Directory is always taking submissions from local and regional artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs in the Southern Interior of BC. Right now the directory is split into two categories:

  • Artisan: who we define as someone who spends a majority of their time creating art or a product to sell.

  • Service Provider: who we define as someone who can be hired for a specific job - whether that's putting on a workshop or doing a performance.

You can find the easy online application form if you click here! If you require any assistance applying for the directory, please contact and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Are there any fees or rules to being featured on the directory?

There are no fees to being included on the directory! The directory is there to help support local artists and businesses thrive and there is no cost associated with it. If you are an artist or business who insists on supporting the Indigenous Resurgence Project in return, we accept in-kind donations in place of monetary donations.

There are very few rules or eligibility requirements to participating in the directory. You must just be:

  • An Indigenous person

  • Have your services either performed, organized, or made by your hand

  • Operate your craft or business within the loosely defined area of the Southern Interior

Directory Design Updates:
  • Directory has been split into two categories: Artisan and Service Provider. (02.16.22)

  • Directory has been alphabetized. (02.16.22)

  • Directory now has individualized pages that can contain more details and information about your trade. (02.16.22) See the example image below:

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